A native of Raleigh, North Carolina, Eric Lundy has been an organizer for progressive candidates and causes since 2007. Since he first travelled to New Hampshire to intern for then-Senator Obama’s presidential campaign, he has worked in nearly a dozen states and for national organizations such as the Democratic National Committee and MoveOn.org. Having served as a Regional Field Director on multiple campaigns and as an Online Organizer for a major progressive organization, Eric has gained a wealth of experience with staff management, scalable leadership development, and online to offline organizing.
In his current role as the Program Director for Inclusv, Eric works to remove the structural barriers that have historically prevented political staffers of color from advancing to leadership positions. In addition to holding campaigns, advocacy organizations, and the broader progressive movement accountable to its ideals, Eric works with employers to find a diverse pool of candidates for openings within their organization, and is spearheading an initiative to create mentoring opportunities for all staffers of color, regardless of whether are just beginning their career, or have years of experience.